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May 13, 2020

Working out at Home Online is the New Trend

We are in the pandemic times of Covid-19 and so many of us are at home quarantined.

If you want to workout online, here are some tips

Working out at home is a great way to keep yourself in shape during the Covid-19 flair up. Many people are still staying at home to prevent contaminating themselves or others. As an online personal trainer, I'm going to share with you what you can do to train online and a few different methods you can do it too for free.

Be consistent

Create a change in your life and begin a routine. Use a schedule to help you know which days and times you will workout.

Watch Social Media Workouts

I am a online personal trainer and I have seen many trainers start their own live streams. If you like somebody, join their workouts. There is nothing wrong with trying different people but eventually you will find what you like.

Go on YouTube

YouTube is a great source for finding ways to train online. Search " at home workouts " and you will find too many to watch all at once. That's okay, pick one and get started.

Have Good internet

If you hire a online personal trainer, or if you join a online group fitness class, you need internet. Whether it is from your phone, laptop, or tablet, you're going to need to good internet so that you can see the trainer and the trainer can see you.

Eat Meals Portioned for your Height, Weight, and Lifestyle.

Go on Google and search " weight loss diet recipes "and Google will present to you a snippet of a weight loss diet you can use right now.

Have a Webcam

If you're thinking about online personal training, you're going to need to be seen. Make sure you have a webcam. When you start training with your trainer, you're going to need to learn how to set it up so your trainer can see your entire body. This is what I tell my clients:

  • Place the webcam far enough so that the whole body is showing
  • Have lighting so that I can see the person
  • Position the webcam so that the bottom of the mat is at the bottom of the screen and raise your arms up above your head while standing at the far end of the mat. If you can see both the front of the mat and the arms above, you have properly set up your camera.

Use a workout App

There are tons of workout apps out there. Pick one and try it. If you like it, stick with it. If you don't, try a different app. If you don't mind paying money, there are many apps available within your budget. OPTApp has an online personal training app that allows you to train online with a certified online personal trainer. Training that way allows you to interact with the trainer through your app.

Set up an Area and make that your Workout Area

Setting up a workout area is important for your success because it helps organize your life by having a set place where you workout. If you haven't set up your workout area yet, find an space that you can lay on the ground and extend your arms. This is one example of having a rectangular area the size of a mat on the ground. I would recommend having that and your arms out to the side length space too. Depending on where you are, you could go outside and create a space. You can use a towel, mat, old clothes or grass. I wouldn't recommend a dirt space unless you place something ontop of it like a mat becaues of the dust but if you're brave enough then you can do it too.

Hire a Online Personal Trainer

If you want to take your training to the next level, workout at home online with a personal trainer. Not all personal trainers are created equal but try it out. Some offer free online sessions so you can have an experience. I don't see anything wrong with a free session so that you can try it but be mindful of who you train with. You want to train with an experienced trainer.

Be Careful

Don't lift anything too heavy that could hurt you. Try not to train with a new trainer. I worked at a fitness club that hired actors who didn't know how to train. The company was about selling through quantity of trainers. Since you're training online, the trainer needs to be even more skilled than a new trainer because the new trainer will not be next to you if you lift a heavy kettlebell over your head. An experienced trainer will know better if you can or cannot perform certain movements.

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