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Online physical training is essential during Covid-19

Its the year 2020 and Covid-19 is still contagious. A vaccine isn't out yet and a large population is still at risk of obtaining the virus. Thankfully, many of us took precautions and prevented further spread. Continue to stay at home and be safe!  

Be the change of your life and inspire others.

Currently we have classes Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays which are FREE for all to attend. We feel that our world needs to change and we believe that change begins within ourselves. So, we offer FREE livestream classes that you can attend to help in creating the change this world needs!

4 Reasons why you should workout with OPTApp

Training online is a new trend because going to a gym is risky. Considering Covid-19 and its 2nd wave, we may need to continue to stay away from places where people gather.

Have a trainer who is technologically advanced

Technology is life and a major source for health & fitness professionals. Your OPTApp trainer trained online before the pandemic and has continued to advanced methods to deliver the best experience.

Your trainer uses scientific Innovation

While studies in kinesiology and myology continue to expand our knowledge, we developed a solution to online personal training.

OPTApp personal trainers are the some of the BEST in the industry

When a personal trainer is educated, skilled, experienced, uses technology, and gives, you have a powerful ally that changes your life.

Your trainer is friendly and encourages change

When your trainer's values are that of creating a change within oneself towards what is RIGHT and influences others. This leads to a chain reaction that builds a strong yet loving community.

Start training with your elite online personal training coach.

What does a good online personal trainer do?
  • Increase your motivation
  • Increases your strength
  • personalizes your workouts
  • increases your workout efficiency
  • inspires you
  • motivates you
  • influences you
  • changes you
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Coach Ozzie is OPTApp's elite online personal training coach and he is standing ready to break a chain.
"Developing a truly successful online personal training program involves communicating several layers that peels itself to its core"
- Azael Montejo Jr
CEO and Founder of OPTApp

Why it works


Because the quality of the trainer matters

While there is no guarantee that other trainers are as qualified as OPTApp's personal trainers, spending time with the right online personal training coach from the start sets you on the right path.

Videos as a source of information

Just as searching online for a personal trainer is becoming more popular, having access to our community library  lets you stay on top of your training.

Setting goals is a must

OPTApp's online personal training coach knows how to set SMART Goals that wins.

This program design is the path to the future

As a user who follows the program, you're guaranteed to win. Time continues to advance science, technology, and fitness so get with the program.

Because we are partnered with the BEST leaders in the online fitness industry

Currently, OPTApp is considered one of the worlds most advanced online personal training method. While fitness clubs remain closed, OPTApp remains open and continues to work with partners who work with us to teach you what works best!

Because the proof is in the progress

That's why creating high-quality programs is an essential element in online personal training.
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Certified Online Trainers

Our elite trainers are certified through well renowned academies and seasoned within the industry.

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100% Responsive

We implement social media to respond to you fast with a vast library of video tutorials.

OPTApp continues to evolve as it begins implementing artificial intelligence to assist the online personal training coaches

Comprehensive Fitness Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most important technologies today and we use it to analyze your progress.

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Group Training

Technology allows us to train together while remaining safe indoors. Join us during our FREE livestream training Mon, Wed, and Friday 5pm PST 8pm EST!

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ADaPT requires change. Either, what leads the change is external or internal. Our goal is to help create the right change in you to inspire you to create the change in others.

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Community Support

Yes! We have a community! Our mission is to lead the change in this world through fitness. We want you to learn to be the best through ethical relativism which is our fitness culture, our community that builds each other up to be loving humans!

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